Dash-Cam Shows Speeding Car Before Baldwin Crash

Fatal crash off Baldwin Express
Two people were killed Thursday night on county road 36.

The last images of a Nissan sports car, just before it crashed and killed the driver, 20-year-old Sandy Hadley of Seminole and passenger 18-year-old Sarah Williams of Theodore, captured on a Summerdale police officers patrol car dash-cam.

sandy hadley cropped sarah williams 3 cropped

Thirty seconds into the video obtained by News Five, the first images of a speeding car. “The officer was southbound on 59 and makes contact with the vehicle,” says Summerdale police chief Jimmy Davis, “locks in on a speed device at 73 to 75 miles an hour, right in there.”

The officer makes a U-turn, heads north and just ahead, a blurry image of a Nissan 370z can be seen turning on County Road 36. “If you are looking at the video closely you can hardly see the car at all, if at all,” says Davis.

As the officer accelerates, lights and sirens blaring, he radios into headquarters. “I’ve got one running from me. Eastbound county road 36 towards Baldwin Beach. 300zx, black in color.”

In the two and a half mile stretch, from Highway 59 to Baldwin Beach Express, a clear image of the car is never seen. “In speaking to the officer,” says Davis, “he said I saw it for a little bit and then it completely disappeared.”

The video, only two minutes and 19 seconds of 43 minutes of video from that night, ends just as the officer approaches the intersection of Baldwin Beach Express. “He was just slowing down and when he topped one little hill, you don’t see anything. When he topped the other hill, that’s when you see where the accident had already taken place.”

Investigators say Hadley never touched his brakes as he went through the intersection slamming into a Tahoe traveling south on the Beach Express, flipping end over end and coming to rest upside down, four hundred feet from the initial impact.

crash site 2

The rest of the dash-cam video has been turned over to state troopers who are investigating the crash. The case will be reviewed by a grand jury.

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