Voters Head to the Polls in City Elections in Baldwin County

Municipal elections in Baldwin County
Voters in 12 of 14 towns and city's in Baldwin County head to the polls.

Supporters for respective candidates are out in full force as voters head to the polls. In Daphne and Fairhope, not only are the mayor’s job up for grabs but all the city council seats too.

“People take a great interest,” says Rose Fogerty as she flashes a campaign sign. “All of us love where we live over here. We all live in beautiful places. We live in a beautiful paradise and everybody has an idea of how to keep it that way. Those feelings may differ but we’re all headed in the same direction.”


That sentiment repeated in all of the towns and cities where municipal elections are being held. In Perdido Beach,where a hundred ballots had already been cast two hours after the poll opened, to Elberta, Silverhill and Magnolia Springs.

Eight cities in all will either elect or re-elect a mayor and five of those eight have one or more city council seats on the ballot.

IMG_0104 IMG_0108

“As voters, we have the potential to implement how long a particular candidate is in office,” says Mike Lyons campaigning at the polls for his candidate. “Change is good. It’s nice to freshen it up, get some new ideas.”

It’s the American way. Neighbors, friends all working for the same thing. “This is going to be over today,” adds Bernie Fogerty. “We’re going to be friends tomorrow.”

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