Sheriff Cochran: Dearman “Ensured The Victims Were Dead”


Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran spoke to News 5 this morning about the Derrick Dearman murder case.

Dearman. Derrick

Dearman is accused of taking six lives near Citronelle Saturday morning at a home on Jim Platt Drive.

Speaking by phone on News 5 this morning, Sheriff Cochran says his office has learned that Dearman, “long had anger problems” referring to his relationship with Laneta Lester.

The Sheriff also spoke to the violence with which the victims were killed saying that Dearman, “ensured that the victims were dead after they were mortally wounded.”

Investigators believe Dearman killed Robert Brown, Chelsea and Justin Reed, Joseph Turner and Shannon Randall while looking for his ex-girlfriend Laneta Lester at the Platt Drive home. WKRG Headshots Murder Victims web

They say Lester retreated to the home to get away from an abusive relationship with Dearman.

Dearman is being held in Mobile Metro Jail without bond.

Click on the video link to hear the entire interview with Sheriff Cochran.


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