Mobile County Asks City of Mobile To Delay Police Jurisdiction Change

Mobile County Commissioners asked the City of Mobile Tuesday to delay a move involving the police jurisdiction. City leaders want the police jurisdiction cut in half. The city currently provides police and fire protection three miles beyond its city limits. Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s office announced last week that it will cut that distance in half starting January.

Mobile County Commissioners Connie Hudson and Jerry Carl appeared before the city council and asked members to delay the move until January 2018. Commissioners say setting up police, EMS, and fire protection in just four months would be virtually impossible.

“You have 26 deputies, which is what he’s projecting, but you also have the equipment, vehicles, EMS service, and volunteer fire department service. You might have to set up another volunteer precinct,” stated Mobile County Commissioner Connie Hudson.

Certain neighborhoods in Mobile County would, at least on paper, be left without fire protection. Neighbors would have to hold a referendum or vote to go into a neighboring volunteer fire district.

The Mobile City Council said it would consider the county’s request.

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