Gulf State Park Zipline Attraction Closing

Hummingbird Ziplines
Guests enjoy a beautiful, zipline tour over Lake Shelby at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores.

GULF SHORES, AL- If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the Hummingbird Zipline at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores is one of the coolest attractions in Alabama.

But junkies will soon have to get their “fix” somewhere else.

According to the managing partner of the Gulf Adventure Center, which operates the zipline, the state of Alabama is not renewing its contract with the attraction and wants it out of the state park by November 1st.

The owners say the attraction has made the state park more than $300,000 since it opened in 2012 and contributed more than $600,000 in sales tax revenue to the local economy.

The attraction employs 48 seasonal workers and 8 full-time employees.

The owners say the state hasn’t given them a reason why the contract wasn’t renewed.

News 5 contacted the Alabama State Parks office in an attempt to find out why the contract wasn’t renewed, but our phone call wasn’t returned.

The owners hope to get the governor’s attention by starting a petition on

A link to the petition can be found on


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