Early Voting Starts in Escambia County

The signs are nearly everywhere you look — It is election season.

You don’t have to wait until next Tuesday to cast your ballot, early voting is underway, and it is quick and easy.

“Just a matter of maybe about a couple of minutes,” says one voter.

“I mean it’s much easier here than in Alabama. I mean, I was only in there for about three minutes,” says one voter.

The voters we talked to in Escambia County today say it was convenient, saving time wasted in line.

The process is simple:

“You walk in,” says voter Colin James.

“You give your photo I.D.,” says voter Shirley Dean.

“Give them your signature,” says voter Colin James.

“And you will receive your ballot,” says voter Shirley Dean.

“You went to circling,” says James.

“Run it through the tabulator,” says Dean.

“It was very simple,” says James.

“And that’s it: voila,” says Dean.

Another bonus to early voting: location, location, location.

“So you may have a location near your work, you may have one that’s near your home, you may have one that near your children’s school, or near where you shop, so you can cast your ballot at any location,” says Escambia County Florida Supervisor of Elections David Stafford.

A simple process plus convenient locations means growth for the early voting option.

“We have about 1,000 per day; we had about 1,200 the first day. I suspect we will be around the 8,000 range,” says Stafford.

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