City Council Approves Citizens Advisory Committee for Mobile Police

The City Council meeting today was held in the multi-purpose room of Government Plaza.

At today’s meeting, the Mobile City Council approved the formation of a citizen’s advisory committee in hopes of improving relations between the community and the Mobile Police Department.

While a majority of council members voted to approve the proposal, not all were in favor or even feel it’s necessary. Five council members voted in favor of the formation of the committee.

The one councilmember to vote against the committee, John Williams. He did not comment after the meeting. Councilmember Bess Rich was not present for the meeting today.

The proposal for an advisory committee for Mobile Police came about after the shooting of Michael Moore by a Mobile Police officer in an effort to foster transparency about police activities and the community. At first, it did not have support from the police chief or the mayor.

At first, it did not have support from the police chief or the mayor. Both argued there was already an advisory panel in place, and another one would just create more bureaucracy. However, the Chief of Police and Mayor Stimpson reversed their opposition. Each councilmember will appoint someone to the advisory committee.

However, the chief and mayor reversed their opposition. Each council member will appoint someone to the committee and the mayor will also have an appointment for a total of eight members.

Even though he dropped his opposition to it, the mayor says he’s still not sure it’s necessary.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think that we need it, but this is part of the process of what we do, working with the city council,” said Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

Now that the committee has been approved, the City Council and Mayor Stimpson can make their appointments, and that could be done within the next couple of weeks.


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