Attorney Shooting Suspect Arrested by Chickasaw Police

46-year-old Sean Christopher Crimmins is in Mobile Metro Jail tonight after being arrested for the shooting of Johnny Lane, a well-known attorney from Chickasaw.

The shooting happened two months ago at Lane’s home, the morning of June 27th. However, Crimmins was not arrested until today during a traffic stop by Chickasaw Police.

Crimmins is charged with first-degree assault and first-degree robbery.

Crimmins and Lane were roommates and business partners at the time of the shooting. The night of the shooting, Lane learned that Crimmins was stealing money from his wallet. After Lane confronted Crimmins, a verbal argument ensued and Crimmins shot Lane in the stomach.

Lane still remains hospitalized for the injuries he sustained during the shooting.

Lane is a well-known attorney in the Mobile County area. He was once served as City Attorney for Creola.

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