What’s Working: Australian Government to Welcome Murphy Band

Over a dozen band students at Murphy High School have a huge opportunity this fall. They are going to Coburn, Australia to perform several concerts. Coburn is a sister-city to Mobile. The students were invited by the Australian Government to perform, and the government is paying for most of their trip. They have also gotten some funding from Austal USA (Austal is headquartered in Australia), and the city of Mobile.

Sixteen students will make the trip.
murphy 3All the students had to audition over the summer for the chance to go. Drum major, Victoria French, is one of the students selected. She says everyone worked so hard to prepare for auditions. “There have been kids practicing for Australia…at least three hours per day.” Student Reggie McIntyre says he is beyond excited to be selected. “I can’t say it in words. I screamed my head off to my parents when I found out I was going.”murphy 2

Band director, Stan Chapman, says they would like to take at least two more students if they can get more funding. They are looking for anyone who would like to step up to donate. He says this trip is an opportunity to perform on an international stage. The students will also have some performances with Australian High School students. If you would like to make a donation, visit http://www.murphyband.com/

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