Mayor Presents 2017 Budget, Pay Raises for First Responders

Mayor Sandy Stimpson held a press conference Friday afternoon to present his proposed budget for the 2017 fiscal year for the City of Mobile.

Some highlights from Mayor Stimpson’s speech will have a big impact on local first responders:

  • The Mobile Police Department will receive a pay increase of $5,000 per year across the board.
  • Mobile Fire-Rescue will be allocated $1 million for use at the discretion of the interim chief.

“We can no longer afford to have among the most underpaid police and fire departments in the country,” said Mayor Sandy Stimpson on Twitter.

At this time, the average officer for Mobile Police makes a little more than $30,000 per year, along with pay increases for college degrees.

However, an officer for the Mobile Police Department still makes more than any other police department in the county, except for the Saraland Police Department where the starting salary is $34,071. In comparison, a new officer at the Prichard Police Department starts with a salary of $22,992.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson at a press conference in Government Plaza.
Mayor Sandy Stimpson at a press conference in Government Plaza.

Mayor Stimpson will continue his effort to fix the infrastructure throughout Mobile. He announced today an additional $23 million will put towards fixing streets, parks, sidewalks and bridges.

“To continue transforming the City, we must continue fixing the broken infrastructure in the City,” said the Mayor on Twitter.

The Mayor’s budget will be presented to the City Council at an upcoming meeting.

You can watch the full press conference here:

We will continue to follow this story and report more information when it becomes available.


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