Bomb Threat Leads to Walmart Evacuation

This person could face jail time for calling in a bomb threat.

In Navarre Thursday afternoon, employees and customers were evacuated from Walmart because of a bomb threat.

Walmart is usually a very busy place, but on Thursday afternoon, only employee vehicles and police cars filled the lot.

“At just about 1:30, 1:45, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to a bomb threat here at the Navarre Walmart, on highway 98,” Sgt Rich Aloy said.

The building was evacuated, so police could search for bombs.


“This was a phone call,” Sgt Aloy said of the threat.  “I really can’t get into a lot of details because we are currently working this investigation, but a call did come through in reference to several items that were placed inside of the building.”

Sgt Aloy said when the officers went inside the Walmart, they saw carts that were filled with groceries just left in the middle of isles, from where people had rushed to get out of the store.  At around 3:45, Walmart reopened.  The lot quickly filled back up with shoppers, some who didn’t know what had just happened.


“That was crazy I didn’t even know,” one man said.  “A bomb threat in Walmart of all places…especially as popular as this is it could have damaged a lot of people and hurt a lot of people.”

The threat was unfounded this time.  Sgt Alot says taking it seriously every time is crucial.

“We take all the intel and the information we get from our dispatch and apply our policies and procedures and here we are,” Sgt Aloy said.  “And hope for the best but plan for the worst and we execute it just as our policies and procedures say we have to.”

Bomb threats are no joking matter.  They’re a felony.  If convicted, the person who called this in could face jail time.

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