Alabama Unemployment Rate At An 8 Year Low

The governor’s office says Alabama’s July unemployment rate was 5.7-percent, down three-tenths of a percent from June. The July rate is also below the jobless rate of a year ago. State unemployment is still well above the national rate of 4.9-percent, but the Labor Department says the July rate represents the fewest number of unemployed people in Alabama since 2008.

“The good news also trickled down to the counties this month as well,” Alabama Department of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington said. “Every county in Alabama saw its rate decrease over the month, and 66 of 67 counties saw their rates decrease over the year, some by more than two percentage points. This is excellent news!”

Mobile’s rate for the month of July is 6.7-percent.  The unemployment rate in Baldwin County fell to 4.8-percent from 5.1-percent last month, ranking among the lowest in the state

In a press release, Governor Bentley said, “We continue to see decreases in Alabama’s unemployment rate, and increases in both of our employment measures over the year, which is a testament to the strong economic development efforts we have prioritized. We haven’t seen an unemployment rate this low in eight years. Not only did the rate decrease since last month, there are also nearly 28,000 more people working this year than there were last year.”

For a look at the state map showing county unemployment rates, click here.




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