Mayor Calls For Changes In Mobile’s Entertainment District Amid Violence

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson is calling for the Mobile City Council to approve changes to current ordinances in Mobile’s entertainment districts. This proposal comes following a weekend of violence in Downtown Mobile.

Earlier today, the Public Safety Committee held a meeting where they discussed Downtown Mobile safety. The committee heard from Police Chief James Barber, who spoke about recent violence downtown.

“What started this conversation several weeks ago were shots fired in the downtown area,” Barber said. “Now we’re dealing with actual shootouts in the downtown area.”

“So, we bring that up as a serious — very serious — public safety concern for all of us.”

They were hoping the chief could recommend changes to the council that would increase safety in the downtown area.

Though the chief did not present any recommendations to the meeting, he plans to revisit the topic and send a list to the council later in the afternoon.

The city council called an emergency meeting Wednesday morning in order to discuss and finalize a safety plan for downtown. The council wants a concrete plan formed before the weekend.

All of this discussion of safety in downtown Mobile comes following a shootout Sunday morning.

Tuesday night, Mayor Stimpson’s office sent out a letter addressed to Mobile City Council President Gina Gregory.

In the letter, Mayor Stimpson asked the council to approve the following changes to Chapter 30 of the Mobile City Code: “A ‘no-cruising’ zone in the Downtown Entertainment Districts” and “A stronger open container law that restricts the consumption of alcoholic drinks to the hours of noon to midnight in the Downtown Entertainment Districts.”

The mayor’s letter also stated that Mobile Police Department will vigorously enforce the following ordinances that are already in place, such as the minor curfew and noise ordinance.

The mayor’s recommendations still have to be approved by the Mobile City Council.

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