Louisiana native collects donations in Pensacola for flood victims in his home state

Some might say, “One a Louisianian, always a Louisianian.” For Rusty Gremillion, that statement rang true this week as violent floodwaters devastated his home state, displacing thousands as their homes were ravaged by up to 8 feet in some areas.

Gremillion felt called to action. Since Monday, he’s been rallying the Pensacola community and working to fill three U-Haul trucks with donations.


“I spoke to three shelters [throughout Louisiana], and they’re running out of food,” he said. Gremillion’s seen a massive response by the community — people coming by with trash bags full of clothing, arms full of toiletries and boxes full of non-perishable items.

“There are some people who have brought truck loads of stuff,” Gremillion said.

But the team is still in need of many more supplies.

“Some people just brought by a Walmart bag with a can of soup in it, but [the smallest donation] is just as valuable as the biggest donation,” he said. “It’s giving from the heart, and that’s what matters.”

Anyone who wishes to help Gremillion in his mission can drop by the McIlwain Presbyterian Church on East Blount Street in Pensacola any time before 8 a.m. After that, it’s off to Louisiana for the Pensacola transplant.

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