Gulf Coast Steps Up to Help Out Flood Victims

Orange Beach
Drop-off location at The Wharf for Louisiana flood victims.

From Stankey Field at the University of South Alabama to a pet store on Hillcrest Road in Mobile, city hall in Orange Beach, to businesses at The Wharf.


“We had a list sent to us from the parish,” says business owner Greg Crews. “They are not asking for clothes. They have nowhere to put them.”


The gulf coast is coming together for flood victims in Louisiana and for the South Alabama Jags that means helping the Ragin-Cajuns of Lafayette. “While it’s heated on the field or court we just want to help because next year it could be us,” says the director of broadcasting J.D. Byars.

Water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, anything that will help in recovery efforts.

It’s just human nature to want to help anytime there is a disaster and there is no wrong way to help but there is a better way according to Orange Beach city administrator Ken Grimes. “We are working with their emergency personnel and we are getting information from them and will be taking products to them. One designated place and let them disperse it.”

The right supplies, along with contacts already in place in affected areas, will get help in the hands of those who need it. But recovery from the disaster won’t happen overnight. “It’s going to take those people quite some time to get back to any sense of normal life over there,” says Chris Litton in Orange Beach, “So, we are going to help out as long as we can.”

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