Baldwin’s First Catholic High School Opening Wednesday

St. Michael
The new school has an opening enrollment of about 100 students.

Fairhope, AL — WKRG
School starts tomorrow for a landmark school in Baldwin County. Classes begin Wednesday at St. Michael Catholic High School. It’s the first Catholic high school in Baldwin County. Monday, I followed Principal as he gave each room a final inspection and checked items off his list. The first day will only be a half day welcoming just 100 students enrolled so far.

“If you think about it the sophomores, have to come to somewhere else, they’ve built up a loyalty to other schools so we have about 35 sophomores and 65 freshmen,” said Weber. On Monday teachers were going over lesson plans and making sure rooms were ready.

“We have so much more technology than I’ve had in years past, we have had to get training on smart board, all sorts of machines that will hopefully make our lives easier,” said math teacher and girls basketball coach David Offerley. It’s a fresh slate for everyone going through these halls.

“I think the biggest thing is new schedules for everyone, new opportunity for teachers we’re carving a lot of new land here,” said English teacher and soccer coach Will Drake. Instead of starting their days in class the day before school starts, they all started their day in church. In Daphne hundreds of Catholic educators gathered for the annual mass before school starts.

“Because our teachers are really all ministers, they’re not only giving education but they’re offering a formation in gospel values,” said Mobile Archbishop Thomas Rodi.

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