Louisiana Struggles Against Floodwaters


A state of emergency remains in effect in Louisiana as the state tries to dry out from record flooding.

One town that is hard hit is Ponchatoula, in Tangipahoa Parish. 

News 5’s Jacqueline Quynh caught up with residents there who have been struggling against floodwaters for the past two days.

Neighbors have been rescuing neighbors with the help of boats, tractors and school buses.

People like Captain Stormy Joiner of the Ponchatoula Volunteer Fire Department have been busy.  “It was kind of slow this morning the water come up real quick gotta a lot of calls all at once,” he remarked.

As much as 2 feet of rain has fallen in some areas, causing flood waters to rise quickly and strand people in their homes. ” You know they caught in their homes they don’t have a chance to leave, next thing you know they can’t get through it because the water is too high,” says Bubba, who was using a tractor to pull boats full of people through the floodwaters.

Flood victims are now waiting for the high water to fall so they can return to their homes and assess the damage.

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