Chickasaw Police Standoff Shuts Down Interstate 65 in Mobile County

Traffic on Interstate 65 came to a stop Sunday morning in Mobile County. Chickasaw Police closed the southbound lanes because of a disturbing 911 call a little after 11:00 a.m.chickasaw 3 Police say a man driving on I-65 called and threatened to shoot himself. Chickasaw officers partnered with Saraland police officers to stop traffic. The fire department also helped to block off the area. This happened between exit 10 and exit 13. Chickasaw Police Chief Chris McLean says they stopped traffic to protect drivers in the area. Police negotiated with the man threatening suicide for about an hour.chcikasaw 1 The man eventually dropped his pistol out of his car window and officers were able to take him into custody. Paramedics took the man to a Mobile area hospital. Chief McLean says he is not sure if the man will face any criminal charges at this time. The chief says they just want to make sure the man gets the help he needs right now.

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