Plain Gardening: Gulf Coast Mint

Plain Gardening

You need a mint!  No offense intended; I mean you need one of our beautiful Gulf Coast mint plants in your garden.

Gardening expert Bill Finch says mints do great here, even during the hottest times of the year.  One of his favorites has lovely white leaves that look like they’re covered with frost or snow.  The old name is hoarfrost mint or hoary mint, but Bill prefers to call it snow-on-the-mountain mint.

In addition to its lovely leaves, this mint is profuse with blooms in mid-summer…blooms that are particularly attractive to beneficial garden insects like bees and butterflies.

Oh, and it’s flavorful—a great spearmint flavor!  The white leaves are tasty, but the green leaves have a stronger mint flavor.  It’s great for salads, cooking (especially with chicken), or drinks like mojitos and mint juleps.

Bill says these are becoming more popular as a decorative plant.  Bill recently saw lots of it in front of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The light green and white of snow-on-the-mountain mint also provides a nice counterpoint to the dark green of summer that has likely taken over your garden, something Bill calls “deadly green”.  You feel cooler just looking at it.

It’s prolific, it spreads, and you can plant it even at this hot time of year.

Learn more about Gulf Coast mints on Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5FM, or email

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