Time-Lapse and Aerial Footage Give Different View of Foley Bridge

Foley Pedestrian Bridge
Monday night the 30 ton footbridge was placed over Highway 59 just north of Highway 98.

Who would have thought watching a bridge dangle from a huge crane in the middle of a small town would be so popular. As the aerial images show, it certainly was.

“I’ve seen it go from the ground up so yeah, I wanted to be here,” says local waitress Melissa Peterson. “I thought it was awesome. They told me it was going to be an experience and it sure was.”

IMG_4500                            IMG_4475

A time lapse of the bridge raising begins once five lanes of traffic was shut down. A massive crane raises the 30-ton bridge and all seems to be going according to plan. Lindy Harris was watching and saw the problem. “Had a little bang to it so they had to drop it and turn it around to the other side.”DSC_1550

Easier said than done when you have to practically break down the crane, move and rebuild it before the heavy lifting can start again. Four hours into it, the bridge, designed to look like a train tressel, was finally in place.

It may not have been a perfect fit but it was close enough.

As cars whiz underneath on Tuesday, crews worked 20 feet or more above, getting the interior ready for the last phase of the installation. The first phase was a big step for a little town.

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