News 5 sits down with MCPSS Superintendent Martha Peek

News 5's Cassie Fambro sits down with Martha Peek.

Last week, we caught up with Mobile County Public School System superintendent Martha Peek as the hustle and bustle of back to school was in full swing.

On the list of things she was most excited about, renovations at various local schools as well as the completely new Citronelle High topped the list.

She also said she hopes the transition for Mae Eanes Middle school students to Williamson Preparatory School will go smoothly, ending months of contention after it was announced Mae Eanes would close.

Students at Mae Eanes will have access to electives that they previously did not have including art and music. The school also offers a pre-engineering program and an agricultural option they’re looking to expand upon.

For the youngest students, Peek says First Class pre-K will prepare 4-year-olds for elementary school like never before, with hands-on skills to foster both educational and social development.

WATCH to see what advice Peek has for parents as they look to start school Wednesday, August 10.


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