Mobile County Public Schools: Serving 75,000 Meals A Day, Buses Driving 40,000 Miles A Day

It’s that time of year- the beginning of a new school year. For weeks, parents have been back-to-school shopping, teachers have been preparing their classrooms, and schools have been cleaning up and putting on those final touches. Everyone is getting geared up for the 2016-2017 school year. Superintendent Martha Peek believes this year will be the county’s best year yet.

“Every year we are afforded the opportunity to begin again with a fresh slate, to really make it the very best year we’ve ever had and again in Mobile County Public Schools this is going to be the best year we’ve ever had,” Peek said.

Tomorrow, 3,750 teachers and 59,000 students will return to the classroom. Many of the students will be arriving at school in one of Mobile County’s 600 school buses. Those school buses are projected to drive up to 40,000 miles per day delivering students to and from school.

Mobile County is the largest school district which means they’ll be serving 75,000 meals a day to students- free of charge.

Last year, 6,500 students graduated from a Mobile County Public School. This is a trend that superintendent Martha Peek hopes to improve.

“We know that we’re going to be focused on academics- we know we’re going to have high expectations,” Peek said.

Teachers and students are important to a school’s performance, but so are the almost 4,000 other employees the school system employs, making their staff grand total come to 7,500– and their payroll comes out to roughly just over 200 million dollars.

However, tomorrow the main focus won’t be on staffing and numbers, but on the students- some of who will be attending their first day of school ever.

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