Denton Middle School Begins New Era as Magnet Program

Mobile, AL — WKRG
Tomorrow is the first day of school in Mobile County Public Schools. Denton Middle School is being transformed from a regular middle school to a magnet school focused on technology. With paint mixed and her classroom almost ready, math teacher Gina Flowers covers the subtle imperfections on her classroom walls.

“There’s scribbling on the wall and I’m a little OCD about things being neat and nice and new,” said Flowers with a smile. There’s a lot that’s new and she’s clearly happy to start the first day of classes.

“Oh wow there’s just so much I really can’t pin it down to one thing because everything for me is new and exciting,” said Flowers. In a way Denton Middle School is like a new school without a new building it’s almost completely different teachers and staff. Elsewhere in the building, teacher Courtney Grimes staples down the look of her classroom. She plans on putting kids in pods or small groups that will focus on engineering problems.

“You never really know the full potential of a child until you really stretch them beyond their own expectations and so with the magnet school education we have an expectation for them,” said Grimes. Teachers spent much of Monday in class. They were taking notes and learning basics usually taken for granted in schools that have generally the same returning staff.

“Routines, procedures, how kids go to the bathroom, cafeteria, what the duty schedule is, all these things had to be built from scratch so the to-do list has been longer,” said teacher Jacquelyn Adams. The magnet school will focus on technology and parents made a deliberate choice to send their kids here.

IMG_9338 IMG_9337 IMG_9336 IMG_9335 IMG_9332

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