Mayor Wants Audit Of Mobile Housing Board

Mayor Sandy Stimpson is calling for a complete, independent audit of the Mobile Housing Board’s financials and daily operations.
According to a 78 page report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Mobile Housing Board failed to follow federal regulations leading to financial mis-management. It also points to possible conflicts of interest between Superior Masonry and a board member. The company received more than a million dollars from Mobile Housing, but, there’s no information about the work performed or the name of the board member because The Mobile Housing Board denied HUD access to its records.Mobile Housing Board lawsuit

Since 2011, the board has received more than 20 million dollars in funding to restore make those available to renters. However, the number of vacant units has gone up, and renters like Romonica Morrissett who lives in the RV Taylor Housing Community, aren’t seeing improvements. She thinks run down and moldy conditions have led to health problems for her son.Mobile Housing Board lawsuit 3

“My son had something was in his eyes from the ceiling in that room. I literally took him to the doctor and they said whatever is in that apartment has affected his eyes”.

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