Foley Pedestrian Bridge Going Up Monday Night

Foley Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian bridge being placed over Highway 59.

30 tons of steel, ready and waiting to be placed 18 feet above five lanes of traffic in downtown Foley.


“It’s going to be a safety feature first but then it’s going to help economic development downtown,” says mayor John Konair.

It’s taken six months to build the two towers on each side of Highway 59 that will support the pedestrian bridge.

“The ability to have the pedestrian way to get from one side of town to the other is a pretty big deal.” Sted McCullough designed it. “You know we do buildings all the time but to do something that actually goes over the road is a pretty exciting thing.”

FullSizeRender 1

The rail history of Foley inspired the look of the new pedestrian bridge. “Paying homage to the old railroad station that was prevalent in Foley in the early 1900s,” says McCullough. “It’s kind of a throwback to that.”

Awarded a 4 point 7 million dollar federal matching grant, Foley added 1 point 6 million dollars and in return, they’ve gotten not only the bridge but 30 miles of walking trails and bike paths.


“It’s a really a great investment for the community and people can say what they want but it’s money well spent and it will make this place a better place to live in and to work in and to raise your children in,” says Konair.

If all goes according to plan, the new bridge could be open next month.

Detours will go into effect at 8 o’clock Monday and Tuesday night. The roadway will re-open each morning at 6.

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