Chickasaw City Schools Open

Chickasaw, AL — WKRG

Doors opened for the first day of class Monday morning at Chickasaw City Schools. It is something teachers and administrators have been working on for most of the summer. The district broke away from the Mobile County Public School system. This is the fifth year of school since that momentous vote. The superintendent said there are challenges when a city school breaks away from a larger county system.

“We don’t have a lot of the resources that a lot of the bigger systems have but what we do to compensate is all of our staff members take on extra roles we’re a team we’re actually a family,” said superintendent Kathy Odom. There’s hardly a teacher in the building who doesn’t have multiple jobs apart from educating kids in the classroom. The teachers who wear many hats also have to work together to resolve issues in the district.

“We communicate on a regular basis on a daily basis I communicate with both principals with my staff and we discuss it and we handle it,” said Odom.

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