Charles Barkley Interviews Nick Saban for

They're rivals by default, but they both won this interview.

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One of sports biggest personalities sat down with one of the most guarded recently in an interview for  Auburn Alum Charles Barkley sat down with Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban, and there’s not much the pair didn’t talk about.

Charles Barkley slam dunks this interview, not taking it easy on Coach Saban and seemingly, catching him a little off guard even.

Saban, who is known for being reserved when it comes to the public eye, met up with the basketball star to chat before football season gets started.  The two poked fun at each other’s schools, Saban offering Barkley some Crimson Tide shirts, and Barkley sporting a Saban style Auburn hat.

They waste no time getting into the interview, and move from golfing to grilling to changing diapers.

Then, they talk about Coach Saban’s famed pick-up basketball games during the off-season.

Barkley asks, “Well, what if someone takes a hard foul on Coach Saban?”  Saban thinks a moment, and chuckles, then responds by saying, “Well, most of the guys I play with work for me, so you could get fired.”

The pair laughs, then Barkley asks if that is what happened to former defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.  Saban responds, still laughing, “No, Kirby was always on my team!  Kirby could shoot!”

Alabama is fresh off a National Championship .  This interview is unique because Saban typically prefers to stay out of the public eye.  The coach doesn’t even have a Twitter account!

The full interview is just over eight minutes long, and is linked above.




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