Pensacola High Students Get Sneak Peek at Orientation

A student goes over her new schedule at preview orientation at Pensacola High School on August 8, 2016.

Things are busy at Pensacola High, teachers, students, and administrators are getting ready but not without going through the orientation process.

Fairchild Davis and her mom look at her schedule for her upcoming sophomore year.

She is slated to take several a-p courses, but it’s a challenge she says she is up for.

“Both of my electives are AP classes, so I feel like it’s going to be all of my a-p classes will be a little difficult,” says Davis

Despite the upcoming challenge, she says it’s a welcome change for the end of summer.

“Kind of have some structure in the day, and not just be sitting at home doing random things all day” says Davis.

It’s a beginning that teachers are looking forward to as well.

“Smiling faces, it’s good to see them come back again,” says a biology teacher.

“I’m expecting us to, raise our standards and rigor, to embrace new challenges, and just run with it with excitement,” says AP Literature Teacher Emma Powers.

For principal David Williams, he feels the same way.

“We just want to get the new stuff out to them so they won’t feel over whelmed the first week of school,” says Williams.

Trying to keep an overwhelming feeling of school starting to a minimum.

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