Swimming Advisory Issued for Portion of Perdido Bay

UPDATE (10:00 a.m. 8/10/16) – The swimming advisory issued for Perdido Bay near Kee Avenue has been lifted. The Alabama Department of Public Health determined the water quality is good and the level of bacteria is below the standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

ORIGINAL STORY – The Alabama Department of Health has issued a swimming advisory for a portion of Perdido Bay near Kee Avenue because of large amounts of bacteria in the water.

Health officials warn that swimming in the water might lead to an increased risk of illness.

Recent samples of the water show that bacteria levels are above the acceptable level. The Health Department will continue to assess the water quality and when it falls below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) threshold, they will lift the advisory.

This one of many recent swimming advisories in coastal Alabama. Last month, they issued a swimming advisory for the east end of Dauphin Island that only lasted a few days. In May of this year, a swimming advisory was issued for May Day Park in Daphne. That advisory lasted a little over a week.

The analyzed samples check for enterococci bacteria. High levels of enterococci bacteria indicate that other disease-causing germs could be present in the water.

Perdido Bay Swimming Advisory


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