School Starts Monday in Chickasaw

Chickasaw, AL — WKRG
Chickasaw City Schools kick off their fifth year this Monday. The small school district is getting ready for another busy year. Hallie Wynne puts the finishing touches on the classrooms around Chickasaw’s newest addition. They’re starting a preschool program with an early learning center.

“Setting up the program, getting the hallway ready and set for our kids to be here,” said Wynne. A few blocks away there’s a noise at the high school. Chickasaw’s new principal is out front drilling holes for a fresh-from-the-printer sign.

“Feels great, a lot of energy, really energized for the new school year to start,” said new principal Chris Pennington. Whether it’s cleaning, or getting work done on the computer, or just setting up every school year has new challenges.

“Students dynamic is different every year, how they react to each other and how things are going to work,” said Career Tech Teacher Kristin Kendrick. One of the challenges of working in a small school district is many teachers have to wear many different hats. Chickasaw school officials will have a special ceremony Sunday, the day before the start of school. There will be a ribbon cutting at the school district’s main office to welcome the new early learning center.

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