Sweet Tea Is Now More Expensive than Gas

If you’re paying over $2 a gallon for gasoline, you could be overpaying. In the Mobile area, the average this Wednesday was $1.95 a gallon.

News 5 wanted to know how the price of gas measured up against the price of other liquid commodities.  So we went shopping at Walmart.

A gallon of orange juice we found was $4.11 a gallon. Sweet tea $3.10. Water was a $1.00.

And a gallon of milk we bought from the gas station around the corner, it was $5.05.

But here’s something you might not think about for comparison, beer.  Many of us drink it by the bottle, so it took 10 ½ bottles to fill up a gallon, that came out to $11.62.

And what about that other thing we drink coffee?

A gallon from Starbucks?  That comes out to about $32. By far, it was the most expensive by the gallon, so all things considered, gas prices seem to be a deal this summer.

Oil experts predict prices will stay low through Labor Day.

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