Students in Satsuma and Saraland Head Back to School Thursday

On Wednesday, teachers walk the halls at Satsuma High School, but come Thursday morning and it will be packed with students starting a new school year.

Principal Josh Verkouille says they’re excited about new curriculum programs including Project Lead the Way, Dance, and an AP computer science class. The school will also offer an entrepreneurship class where students will learn to operate a new school store.


” I’m very excited for them to learn how to operate a heat press and learn to interact with customers. We have a new wireless card reader they’ll learn to operate. Remembering my own high school job, I think that’s really beneficial for them to learn how to have a real job, Career Preparedness Teacher Nicole White explained.

Just like the high school, teachers at the elementary school were busy on Wednesday preparing for the first buses to pull up. Superintendent Dr. Joe Walters was there and shared his message for students.

“The thing we want them to walk away with more than anything else is a belief in themselves that they are truly problem solvers and they have the tools and the background to bring a lot to the table,” Walters said.

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