Ready to Hit the Books In Style

Number by number, family by family, child by child, the fellowship hall at Robertsdale united Methodist church has turned into a waiting room of sorts.

It’s filled with hundreds of families who are in need of school uniforms and supplies for their children.

But it’s not about the numbers, for Veronica Watkins she is the guardian of her six grandchildren, she says this is what she needs to get her little ones ready for the school year.

“With me being sick, someone called me and told me, that they were helping with school supplies and stuff, and that’s a big help when you have six,” says Watkins.

The feelings are the same Frances Cottle who has two children ready to hit the books this year.

‘You never know the smallest little thing can help the most, especially with other families who may have more kids to tend to, and less money coming in,” says Cottle.

But for this church, the leaders say they saw a need and thought it was beneficial to the area.

“Local missions is a really big part in what i believe the church ought to be about, so anything that we can do for the local community to reach out, and show the love of Christ,” says Sean Peters, Pastor of Robertsdale United Methodist Church.

It’s a mission that’s been in operation for three years and continues to serve others.

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