More Than Just Fishing at Gulf State Park Pier

Gulf State Park Pier fishing
A variety of marine life spotted this week at Gulf State Park Pier.

Hooking into a big one may keep die-hard anglers coming back, but fishing isn’t the only reason to take a walk on Gulf State Park Pier.

IMG_4733 cropped

All types of marine life can be seen from 15 feet above the water. On Wednesday, there were plenty of sharks but there was also a sea turtle, “We have turtles out here the size of minivans they have cobia swimming on ’em,” says Glenn Wilson. “It’s awesome.”

A pod or two of dolphin are also regular visitors and it’s not just humans doing the fishing.

As soon as something is spotted or someone hooks a fish, folks shuffle to get out of the way or at least catch a glimpse of whatever is over the side.



“I had a big something hooked,” says Heather Kaker who is getting one more trip in before heading back to Arkansas for the start of school. “It was good. It was a fun fight.”

There is also a lot of kids out here. Most of them with cell phones but trying to capture something other than Pokemon. “It makes me excited,” says Wilson. “It makes me feel like they want to get more outside and get involved and pick up a fishing rod instead of a remote control or something to play video games.”


Of course, most everybody comes for the fishing and the hope of landing the big one. Even if it doesn’t always end up that way.

Gulf State Park Pier is the second longest on the Gulf of Mexico and the state’s only public pier on the gulf.

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