City Council Members Voice Concern Over MPD Advisory Council

The city’s Public Safety Committee was expected to make a recommendation about a possible police advisory council Tuesday. But they voted to recommend to make no formal recommendation.

However, committee members Bess Rich and John Williams both spoke in opposition to an advisory council.

“Having a committee of lay people that would be advising the council who are also lay-people when it comes to policing to me brings very little value to the table,” said Rich, the committee chairwoman.

The third member, Levon Manzie, who also sponsored the ordinance, says it means he has to work on changing some members’ minds.

“One thing that was helpful out of this committee meeting is it lets me know who not to invest time with at this point and we will be reaching out to our other colleagues and hopefully will be able to reach consensus moving forward,” said Manzie.

The proposal will be voted on next week by the full council. It needs five votes to pass.

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