Alabama Sheriffs Say Pistol Permit Sales Are On The Rise

Sheriff Cochran says the number of pistol permits issued in Mobile has been steadily on the rise for years.

“There’s been a steady increase year over year- in the last 10-years there has been probably a 90 percent increase in the number of permits that we have,” Cochran said.

He’s not the only Alabama Sheriff who has noticed an increase in permit sales. Sheriff Richard Stringer has noticed a spike in Washington County.

“Everyday I am selling more permits. People are arming themselves- their homes,” Stringer said.”

So far this year, Mobile County has issued 21,071 pistol permits and over 5,000 of those were new pistol permits. This time last year, Mobile had issued 3,000 new pistol permits.

And in Washington County, they’ve sold 1,235 so far this year compared to the 1,826 they sold altogether last year.

Both Sheriffs say they believe the spike is caused by fears people have about the state of the country.

“More now than we used to see years ago. I think people are tired of having their goods, their homes broken into- their stuff stolen and you’re going to see more of it,” Stringer said.

“People are fearful. When they see the level of violence that occurs in some parts of our country they feel the need to arm themselves or when they see our police officers being killed in our streets in America – that scares people too,” Cochran said.

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