Giving “Max The Dog” His Ability to Walk Again

You may have been greeted by a friendly, furry puppy if you went to the movies this weekend. Sarah Sanders and her dog Max were outside of the Carmike Wynnsong on Schillinger Road raising money to rehabilitate Max.

The dog was paralyzed when a garage door fell on him in 2013. While Max’s spinal cord did not break in the accident, the swelling has prevented him from walking. All the dog needs now in order to be able to run around again is one last round of rehab and braces called castors for stabilization. Right now, Max has a custom built wheelchair enabling him to have some mobility. He can also towel walk which involves moving with the help of a cloth placed under his hips.

“We really want him to be able to do things like jump on the couch and cuddle us or be able to run to door when somebody comes in to say hello. So, it is so important that he gets his life back so that he gets to run around and have the freedom that other dogs have. The thing is that it is possible and it’s only a few months away,” said Sanders.

In order for this dog owner’s dream to become a reality, she needs the community’s help. Visit to donate to the cause.

In addition, if you missed the fundraising event this weekend, you can still go to Doggy Happy Hour from 5 to 7 p.m. at the OK Bicycle Shop on Dauphin Street tomorrow to help out Max.


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