Daphne Football Team Rallies to Help Teammate

Daphne, AL — WKRG
People in Daphne are still looking for ways to help a family burned out of their home.  Daphne High School football player Mike franklin and his family are getting help from Franklin’s second family on the gridiron. Mike Franklin talked to me about something their head coach constantly tells members of the team.

“He said if one fall we all fall, he just preached that so much about being accountable and stuff I mean I appreciate him,” said Franklin when referring to Coach Kenny King.  Franklin is picking up another carload of stuff people have dropped off at Daphne High School over the last few days.

Saturday morning members of the football team were washing cars as part of a fundraiser for the booster club. Parent volunteers helped clean the area around the stadium. In addition to this regular activity the team opened up the event encouraging people to drop off donations for Mike Franklin and his family. They may have different positions or have different roles but for many of the young men who are a part of Daphne football, it’s more than just a team

“Cause we’re a family,” said Daphne High School football player Noah Pratt. “Nothing means more to us than each other we’ve been putting in the long hours, learn each other’s families, learn family names.” The family feel is a common theme around the team.

“Just that family feel and again that’s what we talk about when we talk about Daphne,” said Daphne football head coach Kenny King. We talked to the family Friday days after the fire and donations were already coming in. Saturday people dropped off supplies at the carwash as Franklin packed up another carload of donations. Trojan football boosters have also set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise money.

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