Meet the Candidates for Fairhope Mayor

At the last minute Fairhope businesswoman Karin Wilson filed papers to run for the mayor’s office in Fairhope.  She hopes to unseat four-term incumbent Tim Kant.

One of the biggest issues for Fairhope as perhaps the fastest growing city in Baldwin County is the exploding population.  Thousands of people have moved to the city since 2010.  Kant says there is no doubt that decisions over managing that growth leads to disagreements.

Wilson says she objects to outside developers being given consideration in the city over the wants of people in the community.  She says she’s for growth as a business person if it is managed so that the charm of the city is kept.

Kant says it’s a give and take to balance the growth that provides needed tax revenue for the amenities citizens wants; libraries, community centers, etc.  But that comes at the cost of increased traffic, more students in schools, and pressure on city services.

Wilson acknowledges there is a short window until election day to get here issues in front of voters.  But, like Kant, she comes into the race with a certain amount of name recognition as owner of Page and Palette Book Store in the heart of the city.

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