Kids Find Creative Ways to Stay Smart During Summer Break

Building Rockets for the Moon... or Mars... Or, Wherever.

It might still be summer vacation, but there is plenty of learning going on in Pensacola.  Tuesday afternoon, about a dozen kids got the opportunity to take a trip of sorts to anywhere in outer space they wanted.  They created Rover robots, an activity instructors called equal parts education and socialization.

The group of 11 kids got ready for their adventure at the Pensacola MESS Hall, exploring other planets while never leaving the classroom.

“If someone could build this type of rover or rocket, what would we do with it and how or why?” asked Allison Jefferis, a 12-year-old.

She showed off her prototype, explaining the different features, and why they’d be important for her mission.  Another student explained his rover and how its mission would include collecting new substances.

“It’ll take samples, it’ll blend it up and put it in this bucket right here,” he said, pointing to what looks like a fast food ketchup container.

Tina Inman is the teacher for Tuesday’s rover class.  She loves the student’s creativity, especially during summer months.  i am always surprised,

“I am always surprised, pleasantly, by what they come up with,” she said as she helped a few students with their rovers.  “They always come up with things I didn’t suggest, they think about problems that they wanted to solve. they figure out what tools they need to do it with, and i really love letting them use their imagination, and just kind of getting them started to do it.”


While the kids worked inside the small classroom, parents watched from the windows, happy for a break from the summer norms.

“I think it’s important to have a balance,” said Emily Jefferis, who had two kids in the class.  “I think the kids need to know what boredom is like and to be actively creative with the sense of I don’t have anything structured to do, then I also think they need to have that structure as well, to learn what structure is.”

So if you’re ever ready to take a break from planet earth, you know where to look for the next big excursion.

The MESS Hall offers several different summer programs and camps.  You can see what they have going on by clicking HERE!

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