Growing the Mobile Botanical Gardens

Mobile, AL — WKRG
The Mobile Botanical Gardens is getting a face-lift. City funding is paying for improvements that will hopefully keep the gardens together through strong storms. Whether it’s a loud bulldozer or a small shovel, there are a lot of small projects at the Mobile Botanical Gardens.

“So that we can simply make it a more welcoming place we want you to come and we want you to bring friends,” said President of the Gardens Donna Camp. The most obvious project is this large fence–to replace this old wire fence and show people where the gardens property begins and ends. Heavy rains and flooding can affect a lot of places in mobile and that’s evident at the Botanical Gardens. They’ve begun improving drainage near the front office–but it’s hard to notice now. Looking closer you can see a couple drains which will help re-direct water–parking lot drainage improvements also on the table.

“And so by improving drainage we’ve taken care of our properties long term so we don’t have to spend our time and effort redoing things over and over,” said Camp. The goal is to improve the experience at the gardens and hopefully raise more money. The gardens were given $150,000 in capital improvement money. It has to be spent by the end of the fiscal year October 1st.  Camp gives a lot of credit to Mobile City Council President Gina Gregory.  The money comes from her Capital Improvement fund for 2016.

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