Concussion Screening Could Keep Eye on What’s Not Visible

“The things that we wore when I played, it’s a miracle many of us didn’t get killed,” said Fred Riley, Davidson Head Football Coach.

From helmets to padding, protective gear has evovled.  And these days at Davidson High School, Coach Fred Riley says, at least in football, student athletes are taught to use their shoulders, not their heads to tackle. So, how do you avoid getting hit in such a high impact sport?

“Scramble,” said Cephus Johnson, Davidson High School Quarterback.

But some hits can’t be dodged.

“I’m not going to dodge a block — I’m a lineman I can’t dodge a block because than my quarterback will then be destroyed,” said Conner Carraway, Faith Academy Lineman.

But, some of the more serious hits could lead to concussions.

“Mobile County Public Schools we have a screening process, and you can actually go online and do it,” said Riley.

Now coaches and parents are turning to screenings.

“Kids are playing sports earlier, they’re more competitive, so there’s an increase in the concussions that are occurring,” said Walker.

Alesha Walker specializes in the vestibular system; that is the inner ear and brain functions.  As part of her practice, she uses IMPACT screening.

“They’re more competitive, so there’s an increase in the concussion that is occurring,” said Walker.

With a baseline, in the event of an injury, physicians can now more readily determine what was the norm for an injured patient.

But, not every school participates in screenings, that’s why Walker wants parents to know it’s a choice.

While, back on the field the choice may be whether or not to take a hit.

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