Bidding For Bargains with Police

Mobile, AL — WKRG

The Mobile Police department unloads years-worth of seized, lost or unclaimed property in just a few hours. Saturday morning’s property auction drew dozens of people looking for gems in junk. The sounds of an auction are unmistakable. They were sizing up the piles of stuff for values.

“In that area, there’s a whole bunch of things you can’t tell you’re taking a chance it’s a good gamble,” said Bidder Vanessa Martin. There are a lot of unknowns with police auctions; you don’t know whether or not what you bought is going to work when you get it home. You don’t know if what you paid is near what it’s worth. You do know if you hang around long enough, you’re going to smile. The man responsible for many of those smiles is Chuck Hall. He works for the Mobile Police Department and occasionally he’s an auctioneer.

“Yeah it’s competitive when it’s between them, I guess it’s like well I’m not going to let you take of course sometimes they’ll run the price up battling for it,” said Hall.

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