Beating the Heat

Pool Playground
Pool Playground

A dip in the pool is the classic way to stay cool especially cannon ball style!.

The lines are long at the Roger Scott community pool in Pensacola.

“As you can see our sessions are full almost all the time,” says pool manager Richard Tucker.

“It’s very important that people get the chance to cool off, if they’re outside all the time, this is the perfect location come and cool off,” says Tucker.

Tucker says the heat makes his lifeguards jobs, a bit harder.

“Our issues that we have had have been with some of our life guards, because they are on the stand, and their not always able to get into the water,” says Tucker.

“You can get overheated easily, you don’t want to be busy on stand, you don’t want to be disoriented, because you have a lot to look over, there are so many kids that you have to watch that, you have to be careful because you never know what will happen,” says lifeguard Hannah Cotick.

If taking a dip in the pool isn’t your thing, how about a cool sweet treat.

“They enjoy the day outside, and whenever they want to cool off they come into our store and it’s always 72 degrees in our store.”

A nice cool change from outside, where the “feels like” temperature is in the hundreds.

“Whenever it’s really hot outside, everybody goes to a shake, it’s cool.”

Whether your choice is cool ice cream, or a cool dip, there is one thing that is important for everyone.

“Lots of water, keep hydrated,” says Tucker.

“They need to stay hydrated too, it’s a safety hazard,” says Cotick.

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