Midtown Gears Up for Big Changes

Recently parts of Crichton and Midtown have become more closely associated with leprechauns and crime rather than economic changes.

But now bulldozers and crews have begun clearing the way for the area to develop into a more vibrant part of Mobile.

At a street renaming ceremony, this Monday Councilman Fred Richardson talked about some of the changes slated for the next year.  Richardson credits the penny tax and the New Shiloh Baptist Church for starting a redevelopment trend.

“Once they build the new Shiloh Baptist Church we got Popeye’s coming right up here, we have a fire station coming Dollar Tree coming, Publix coming, drug store right down here, new sidewalks, new streets being resurfaced, new stores coming down here,  nothing happened before we built the New Shiloh Baptist Church,” said Councilman Fred Richardson.

He’s listed at least 11 major projects on his Facebook.


The new Publix and retail center on Old Shell are expected to be in place at the end of next year.

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