Baldwin County Honors Fallen Officers, Appreciates Local Support

Fallen Officer Memorial
Baldwin law enforcement will attend funerals in Louisiana this weekend.

Another trip west. “Any loss of a police officer is tragic,” says Cliff Roberts with Orange Beach Police, “and we’re going to attend the funerals and show our respect.”

Just back from funerals in Dallas, officers from agencies across Baldwin County are heading to Louisiana.

“It’s a part of the job that you expect will happen at some point in your career,” says Capt. Steve Arthur with Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, “but lately it seems like it’s obviously open season on law enforcement and that’s unfortunate.”

IMG_4280 IMG_4283 IMG_4287

Prayers and acts of kindness have become more frequent since everyone wearing a badge also seems to be a target. “It means a lot for us and it means a lot of our officers even more for our officer’s families,” says Lt. Rex Bishop with Robertsdale Police.

In Loxley, at the methodist church, a special meal. Along with helpings of fried fish and all the fixings, gratitude.
“We’re glad to have them,” says member Philip Hollis as he fries up another batch of fish. “It’s a small town but they got a big job. We really appreciate what they do for us.”


A high school softball team makes the rounds to area police departments with a gift and a thank you. “With all the bad things happening in our country,” says Emily Sinclair, “we just wanted to give y’all a reminder that we’re thankful and we know we couldn’t do it. We just appreciate everything y’all do for us.”

Gestures of appreciation officers will carry with them as they make the sad trip to more funerals to honor their brothers in blue.

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