Rubio endorses Trump, blasts Clinton in RNC Appearance

Rubio appears in a pre-recorded video on the third night of the RNC in Cleveland.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appeared at the Republican National Convention Wednesday via video. Rubio could not appear in-person because he was visiting Pensacola and the Eglin Air Force base as he prepares to run for senate re-election.

In the video, Rubio endorsed Republican presidential nominee and once bitter rival, Donald Trump — a bizarre move to those who watched Rubio refer to the presidential hopeful as a “con artist” on national television during the primaries.

The two exchanged a series of insults earlier on in the presidential season, including Rubio going so far as to insinuate that Trump’s private parts were inadequate as evidenced by his “small hands.”

Rubio briefly commented on the two’s previous spats while addressing the press in Pensacola on Wednesday.

Obviously, we had a very spirited primary,” Rubio said. “You guys watched it on television and beyond.

“But as a Republican, I think it’s time for Republicans to stop fighting against each other and come together if we want to be victorious in November.”

His half-hearted endorsement for Trump was brief, as he spent most of his time focused on berating the policies and history of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“She planted the seeds for the disaster we now know as Obamacare,” Rubio said. “She was an ultra-liberal senator and a reliable vote for crony capitalism, Wall Street bailouts, middle class tax hikes and out-of-control government spending.”

Former candidates Ted Cruz and Ben Carson also endorsed Trump during the RNC, though some are considering Cruz’s speech less than enthusiastic as well.

Others, such as John Kasich and Jeb Bush, have stood strong in their opposition for the Republican nominee.

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