Man Who Made Threats Against Police Arrested For Outstanding Warrants

Strong words about officer Harold Hurst yesterday as Quinten Russell was led away in handcuffs.

“That murderer, Hurst,” said Quinten Russell.

Russell was picked up for two warrants in Mobile; criminal mischief and harassment.  And he had an outstanding warrant from Georgia, records show it was for manufacturing marijuana back in 2012 in Coweta County.

“During this time of what’s going on in our country we take threats made against law enforcement very seriously,” said Officer Terence Perkins, Mobile Police Dept.

But was it what he said online that brought attention to himself? Before his arrest, he had been the subject of scrutiny from Mobile Police after posting incendiary remarks against officers.  One comment he called on others to shoot Officer Harold Hurst who was involved in the Mike Moore incident.

“That would be a threat, that would be intimidation, that would be a violation of the statute,” said James Byrd, Criminal Defense Attorney.

While Russell has not been charged with making threats, the Mobile County District Attorney’s office is still looking into it.  Byrd says it would be hard to argue he was just exercising his 1st amendment right.

“In law school, we always say you have the right to say anything you want to say, but you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater because then everybody rushes out and people get hurt and injured, if there was no fire you caused the injury,” said Bryd.

Of course, if anything were to happen the state still has to prove that it was because of something Russell posted.  No bond has been set in Mobile; he’s in jail until Georgia authorities pick him up.

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