Spanish Fort Fire Supports Police Department Following Heartbreaking Weekend

Spanish Fort, AL — WKRG
The Spanish Fort Police Department gets a special morning from fellow first responders. Firefighters hosted a breakfast for police officers at the fire station. There are few better ways to say thanks than with some free food.

“We understand that without the police department society could pretty much not survive,” said Firefighter Simon Bleyswyk. The Monday morning breakfast comes on the heels of Baton Rouge, an attack weighing heavy on the minds of the men behind the badge –coming back to work from the weekend.

“We’ve had briefings and things, things to be aware of and it’s something that’s been at the forefront for some time,” said Spanish Fort Police Chief David Edgar. Prayer starts the breakfast as people pray for peace and pray the violence will end.

“We can’t try to understand that what we can do is love them in spite of that, there is an answer for all that and it’s love,” said Spanish Fort Fire Department Chaplain Luke Denton. A group of Spanish Fort softball girls handed out little bracelets they made–as their way of showing their appreciation for law enforcement.  The Spanish Fort 6U Softball Girls just finished a championship weekend win in South Mississippi.

“We made the bracelets so we can band together and they can wear them for the police officers who died in their honor,” said Ashley Cate Nimmer. The police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge are reminders for first responders in Spanish Fort and anywhere in the country to always be alert whenever they go out on a call.

“There have been threats that all first responders are in danger so we all are looking out for each other it’s really what we’re trying to do they look out for us hopefully we’re looking out for them,” said Spanish Fort Fire Chief Roger Few.


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