Ft. Morgan Firefighter Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Firefighter killed in crash
A balloon and flowers alongside highway 181 where John Bryan lost his life.

John Bryan spent half his life helping others as a firefighter. “He came down here and the first thing he looked for was a fire department to join.”

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For the last year, he used his time and talents helping the volunteer fire department in Fort Morgan. “Because he was so young and so experienced he was a firefighter that we would put into a fire first,” says fire chief Glenn Stevens. “He would be the first one we would put in a burning building. He would be the lead man on the fire hose.”

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Bryan died alongside highway 181 in a motorcycle crash. His final ride outlined by orange spray paint.

Traffic investigators found pieces and parts of another vehicle at the crash site. They believe it is part of the bumper on the right side of a Chevrolet Tahoe. Most likely a 2000 to 2004 model. They would like to talk to that driver.

For those grieving, how he died is not important. It is how he lived that they will remember. “He was always the first one to help you if you needed help.”


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